About Us

Daytam Research & Consulting Ltd is a private research and management-consulting firm offering consultancy services to the private and public sectors as well as NGOs and UN agencies with a focus on Research, Organizational Development, Training, and Monitoring and Evaluation for strengthening performance and impact.


Our Vision

African in origin but global in scope, we are not bound by any one stereotypical globalization strategy. Instead, we take the utmost advantage of the characteristics of our clients and locale.

Open Data Project

The Somali open data portal, the first of its kind, is an initiative of Daytam Research & Consulting Ltd to assist development partners and institutions access to a wide range of data about Somalia and the Somali people .


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Our Approach & Analysis

Our approach is characterized by careful and meaningful blending of time-tested international best practice as well as advice based on practical experiences, local realities and clients’ needs. Throughout the consulting process, Daytam emphasizes and ensures ownership of processes and final outcomes by our clients. Consultative and participatory methods are our hallmark. We work with our clients to ensure that what we assist in establishing is self-mobilizing, internally supported and sustainable.


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